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Market place, Zwickau; LED Drainlight with grating; LED Lightline


Channel + Grating + Light = Drainlight | 45 meters Drainlight / Drainage channels made of stainless steel covered with gratings type KSM-V, which can be driven over with trucks D400, polygonal passway, 250 x 250 mm [W x H] / LED LightLine VA, 20 mm width, equipped with LED RGB-W, 3,000 K, 24 VDC, 19 W/m / Drain boxes, approx. all 4 meters, with milled covering plates made of stainless steel for integration of water nozzles with LED-RGB-spotlights / Collective ly controllable by using a DMX interface | Project link: https://ado-lights.de/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/ADO-L_REF_en_Zwickau_2001_RZ.pdf


Stadtverwaltung Zwickau | TTC Timmler Technology GmbH