KAP Europa, Frankfurt; GraviVent
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KAP Europa, Frankfurt; GraviVent


The generous room heights are another reason why GraviVent® works so well: The longer the duct behind the wall panelling, the stronger the cooling effect. To achieve the desired temperature and 30 kW of cooling power, 15 AISI cooling units were installed in the “Meridian” hall (ceiling height 7.30 metres). For the even larger “Horizont” hall (ceiling height 8.40 metres) 34 kW of cooling power had been specified and 21 cooling units now provide a pleasant airiness. Naturalness and high tech, coolness and comfort: in the “Kap Europa” these terms merge in an exemplary fashion – this innovative congress centre provides an ideal environment to focus on your work, in perfect surroundings, with a perfect climate.


Messe Frankfurt | TTC Timmler Technology GmbH