LVR Museum, Bonn; LED Drainlight SR
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LVR Museum, Bonn; LED Drainlight SR


The slit drainage gutter with its integrated line of light is a product by TTC Technology/ADO Lights. And there is more to it than mere aesthetic effect. The technology on which the line of light is based is part of the museum’s modernized lighting concept. Over a period of three years the old halogen lamps have been gradually replaced by energy-efficient LEDs. Thanks to the durability of LED lamps this means that over a period of 20 years the museum will now be able to save more than 7,000 metric tons of CO2. This is why the Federal Environment Ministry has awarded the decision-makers at the museum a certificate for “Climate protection projects in social, cultural and public facilities”. The line of light also uses LEDs to brighten the greenery marking the boundary of the outdoor terrace. Over its entire length and reaching into every corner. This soft light is another plus point, contributing to the museum’s special atmosphere and making it a pleasure to behold, even after nightfall.


Peter von Pigage | TTC Timmler Technology GmbH